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1. We find ridiculously good books on mental health

Books on depression, anxiety, trauma, productivity and much more by experts new and familiar.

2. We condense them into text and audio summaries

 Every summary has psychotherapy intervention techniques which you can use immediately with clients.

3. You become wiser on the go with time left for self-care

A new summary is added every week and emailed for you to access in our online database. Download for offline access.

Discover Powerful Psychotherapy Interventions With Your Busy Life

Don’t lose out from learning from the newest and best books on mental health-related topics (depression, anxiety, trauma, etc.)  condensed into easy to digest audio and text summaries. 

Gain a snapshot of core concepts and ideas, with links to the original texts, to quickly understand new and important developments in the field of psychology. 

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What About Original Authors?

We take consideration in making the language we use original and unique. We are not writing in competition with or supplanting demand for the original works. Thus, every summary has a link to obtain the original book at the end.

We always recommend the original works as they offer more in-depth examples, explanations, and references. Our goal is to give you a snapshot in our own interpretations and never the entirety of the book. We do not claim any sponsorship by the original authors.

We hope that by giving mental health professionals an easy way to discover new psychological interventions, approaches, theories, and ideas, Psych Nest will bring authors more readers and help get more great books noticed and read.

Here’s what the author of Facing the Truth of Your Life said working with us:

My experience with Psych Nest was rewarding and hopeful. As a therapist, I don’t have time to keep up with all the reading there is to do. Psych Nest worked with me to give the best summary of my book, and they did not stop until we were both happy. That takes commitment.

Most books have a few ideas and then get spread out over a couple of hundred pages. Many are best read in summary. From the Psych Next process, you can tell the difference in the summary and can wisely choose which books to read in full and which ones that a summary is all that you need. It is worth the time and investment to check out their selections.

Merle James Yost

Licensed Marriage Family Therapist

Why Mental Health Professionals Red Heart on HTC Sense 7 Us

I am constantly looking for material to read up and improvise my therapeutic skills and this has made it so easy for me. I get to evade the guilt of not finishing long arduous books and deliver new insights into my practice.

Suhani Sharma

Psychologist & Founder of FLOW

I have utilized most of the summaries and found them useful, especially to introduce a book to me for individual purchase. You offer a great selection of authors and subjects.

Keith Thompson

Licensed Marriage Family Therapist

Hi, we’re Psych Nest

Our mission is to make you powerful.

You can agree that being in this field is anything but easy.

It can be stressful, tearful, and often calls upon our professional skills to continue being at our best.

I’d like to show you how utilizing our resource makes it easier to learn at a faster rate while balancing your schedule around clients and your self-care. 

You’ll gain the flexibility to learn at your own pace. The confidence knowing what you learn is credible because it’s created by mental health professionals for mental health professionals. And become the expert your clients and career deserve.


Vineel Maharaj, Founder/CEO and Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #91687

Misael Hilario, Chief Content Editor and Clinical Psychologist

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