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We created Psych Nest as an easy and fast way for mental health professionals to discover valuable psychotherapy techniques through the use of text and audio book summaries. We introduce familiar and new authors inspiring our users to learn and read more.  Are you a lifelong learner? Then click here.

Vineel Maharaj, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer

A psychotherapist intern with the official title: Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #91687, and employed by Stanislaus County. Vineel Maharaj aka Vin loves the mix between psychology and marketing. He’s also a  featured writer on Psychology Today, Huffington PostEntrepreneur, Elite Daily, and Life Hack.

Misael Hilario, Chief Content Editor

A psychologist who is passionate about learning, critical thinking, and the efficient use of information. Misael Hilario has English and Spanish websites which deal with social, political and psychological issues from a critical thinking perspective. He enjoys learning, science and playing video games.

English blog: Misaelhilario.com
Spanish blog: Pensandord.blogspot.com
Contact: j.misael.hilario@gmail.com

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